If you are interested...

If you are interested in BUYING any of these items, please contact me at: loveshopmycloset@hotmail
I will then send you the shipping and handling, as well as the tax information. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!<3

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi everyone(: You may know me as the fashion blogger from Live Love Fashion or the reblogger from http://shirlovesyou.tumblr.com/.
But welcome!!! Here is a blog where I will sell my clothing, accessories, etc. I'm selling them usually because they don't fit me or that I don't wear them anymore. All of these items are from New to Worn once or twice. I will let you know their conditions(:
Most of these items that are coming up first are going to be bags and purses. Then, most of the clothing items date back to almost 30 years ago {talk about vintage!}.
So let's get started yes? More information about the payments will be in a separate page, in the post, or in the description.
Happy shopping!

-P.S. I'll also be opening a tumblr for this, so if you want something, you should probably order quickly! First come first serve(: